Die Kegelbahn

On the Rolling Art Bowling Alley glass bottles will be set out to be broken. Exhausted from the virtual interactivity of the day, the Stadtwerkstatt’s Rolling Art Bowling Alley reinvigorates the festival guests for a shattering experience in the evening.

The indoor bowling alley is 12 meters long, the ball is made of high-grade steel, the pins are glass bottles. The alley, as well as the pin area, are equipped with microphones. Pin-setting, rolling, bowling and shattering noises will be acoustically amplified. A camera placed above the alley films the glass pins from above and shows the deciding pictures of the crash of the ball into the pins on a monitor above the pin setter: how many bottles are still standing, how many are broken. Ball trajectories and results will be inserted into the monitor picture and transmitted live via computer
over CU-See Me onto Internet.

A real act as a convivial counterpart to the entertainment in the cyber worlds. The artwork is created in the moment of performance. A communicative plastic art with elementary effect and visible consequences.
Luck and glass - how easily are both shattered.