8.September - 11.September 2002

curated by Jay Rutledge, Festival Ars Electronica
club atmosphere by Stadtwerkstatt, support KAPU

"It is precisely urban Africa - which has already taken the step into the new Media Age and is thus already "plugged-in" - whose musical creativity is completely unknown in these parts. Urban Africa Club presents contemporary African music that reflects the outbreak of social conflicts and the contradictions between a traditional Africa and the emerging modern one." (Jay Rutledge)

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-----> sunday, 08.sept.02, 22:00 - HIP HOP NIGHT
BMG 44 / Pee Froiss (both Senegal)
DJs: DJ Xuman (Senegal), DJ Beatrice (Kenia), DJ Dan & Flip (Linz), Female Artistics (Breakdance/Linz)

-----> monday, 09.sept.02, 23:00 - KWAITO NIGHT
Thembi (South Africa)
DJs: DJ Zubz (Rage/South Africa), DJ Ladysoul (Vienna)

-----> tuesday, 10.sept.02, 23:00 - TECHNO NIGHT
Techno Issa / Djigui (both Mali)
DJs: DJ Jay (Munich), DJ Francis (yalla/Cologne), Didi Kern (Mego/Vienna), for those about to rock (Linz)

-----> wednesday, 11.sept.02, 23:00 - ZOUGLOU NIGHT
Magic System (Cote d'Ivoire) + special guests
DJs: Christoph Moser (Vienna)

sun. - wed.: evenings: 8.00 pm 'till everything's finished
mon. - wed.: noon - 4.00 pm
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URBAN AFRICA CLUB Team Stadtwerkstatt & Kapu